The International Friends of Festival Verdi is being established as a not-for-profit organization in the United States with a mission to engage Founding Patrons and other Benefactors to support the acclaimed annual Festival Verdi.

Dedicated to performing, interpreting and studying the works of the most accomplished composer in opera history, Giuseppe Verdi, Festival Verdi is emerging as one of the great opera festivals in the world. The annual month-long event, from mid-September through mid-October, takes place in and around Verdi’s home town of Parma, Italy, attracting last year over 25,000 visitors from around the globe. Festival Verdi features full performances of Verdi grand operas at the early 19th century Teatro Regio di Parma, one of the most beautiful theatres in Italy, and more modest productions and experimental work at the 17th century Teatro Farnese. In addition to supporting these and other musical events, Founding Patrons will be instrumental in realizing two special initiatives:

- Accademia Verdiana, the educational arm of the Festival, will provide training to aspiring artists—the next generation of opera talent, vocal, musical and theatrical performers—and offer essential scholarship support to those who could not participate without it.

- Verdi OFF, the innovative community-access initiative, will bring the joy of Verdi’s music free to the widest public including the hospital, jail, village squares, shops, private homes and other locations throughout Parma.

The International Friends of Festival Verdi will be governed by a Board of Directors comprised of prominent business and cultural leaders principally from the United States, and aided by The Honorary Council of distinguished individuals from the worlds of opera, music and the arts, and an Advisory Board of special friends, including Founding Patrons. The International Friends of Festival Verdi is based in New York City and is the official philanthropy program of the Fondazione Teatro Regio and Festival Verdi, launched by the Fondazione Teatro Regio General Director, Anna Maria Meo.


Founding Patrons Inaugural Celebration
October 5-10, 2017

Founding Patrons will be honored during the 2017 edition of Festival Verdi at an exclusive week-long Founding Patrons Inaugural Celebration with premier performance seating, back-stage visits, social events at historic sites and private settings, and other prestigious benefits.
As Festival Verdi blossoms into a unique world-renowned experience, the International Friends of Festival Verdi will be the preeminent source of advice, guidance and funding for existing and special new educational and public-access programs. Friends will join an esteemed group of Italian companies, along with the Italian government, that are committed to sustaining and enriching this operatic experience.

Festival Verdi Escape – Fall 2017 Founding Patrons Reserved Tour

IFFV Founding Patrons_Inaugural Celebration 5-10 Oct 2017

IFFV By-Laws 1-30-2017



For further information on giving levels and on the activities of the International Friends of Festival Verdi please contact:
Giulia Mazzolani
Manager for International Relations & Development, Teatro Regio di Parma
Tel (+39) 0521 203953